A beautiful Illness

So you’ve got a crush on this guy but it’s wearing you out? Why won’t he notice you when you wear that special outfit just for him or that bright red lipstick? It’s a miserable feeling when you can’t really force him to like you.

You start to doubt yourself and begin to change your personality and looks according to his taste. Yet, he doesn’t even notice! You keep passing those places where he hangs around and you begin to notice his absence more often.

Having a crush is probably the best and the worst phase of your life. It is like a country having all four seasons at once. You experience the extremities of all your feelings during those four months.

Somehow you lose the ability to properly communicate with them. Then there is this blindness to your crush’s flaws. Your friends  might as well do some sort of blood pact to prove your crush’s flaws to you, but all you do is swoon at their name. Your claws are always ready to scratch out the eyes of those who make fun of them.

And Ahh! The pain of missing them every moment and the later embarrassment of blowing up your chances when you talk gibberish to them.

If you are suffering from a crush, you will just have to wait for time to pass and one day you will get up and realize that there is more to life than that person who doesn’t even remember your birthday.

Sometimes you might need a day off to spend with your siblings or parents (whomever you’re close to) and talk to them about it. They can be a great emotional support for you. Allow yourself to be sad because that is just one of those times when you’re mourning for something that might have turned out well. And that’s a good sign because you’re getting over it!

While you can’t really do anything in this phase, you might as well listen to these songs I’ve compiled for you below.

Beginner Crush Phase (Warning: You might lose yourself)

  1. Wildest Dreams
  2. Sad Song
  3. See you In my Dreams
  4. Everytime
  5. Pretending
  6. Rather Be
  7. Beautifully Unfinished
  8. Sky Full of Stars

Symptoms Experienced:

  1. Loss of appetite or feeling extra hungry
  2. Itchy Palms
  3. little or no focus on work
  4. Improved Stalking skills
  5. Loss of rational thoughts

Trying too hard to get over and move on but you still like them Phase

  1. My heart will go on
  2. Little Do you Know
  3. Should’ve been us
  4. All In My Head

Symptoms Experienced:

  1. Depression
  2. sweet cravings

“I think I’m over him”  phase

  1. Fight Song
  2. Brave

Symptoms Experienced:

  1. Numb feelings
  2. Over acting of not being interested anymore in your crush.

“Finally Over” Phase.

There are no crush related songs here to listen to. You’ve been cured!  You have accepted that your crush doesn’t really care and why should you? It was a hard time but you got over it.

Now go out and treat yourself to a large scoop of Gelato!