Internship in Pontedera: Cycling

One of the advantages of living inside the guest house of the institute is that you’ll have access to three bicycles. I cannot stress more of how big of a blessing this is and you should definitely utilize this opportunity!

After work hours, ask the guardian to give you the keys to the bike number that would fit you. On my first week, I had asked for a bike that was meant to be for tall people. Not surprisingly, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. I also had the embarrassment of falling face first on the roadside in front of a couple making out. Good thing they were busy!


Ride towards the right of the institute and you’ll find yourself looking at a breathtaking view of the sun setting in between the mountains. A cool wind will blow gently across your face and might compel you to close your eyes and stop in the moment.


Be careful! You’ll be cycling alongside cars so you need to take care to avoid getting hit. After you pass a roundabout, you’ll reach a vast area of a car park with a very tiny garden in the middle.


Every afternoon I’d ride around this place in circles and wait for the sky to change its colors and the sun to finally set in between the mountains.


Cycling in that car park of Pontedera was more sacred to me than any other forms of spirituality. The only thoughts that would engulf my mind were the cries of sea gulls, the singing of the wind and the dance of the sun’s rays.

Suddenly, I was just a part of nature.


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