Internship in Pontedera: Elevator

This is probably the most basic of all blogs I’ve ever written. I’m going to tell you exactly how to handle the elevator in the institute.


You can either take the stairs or the elevator in the guest house. Sometimes, you just really need to use the elevator. I don’t mean to insult your elevator using skills at all. However, this elevator would need some patience before you bruise your finger from constantly pressing the elevator button.


Outside, there is only one button to call for the elevator. However, when it is in use, the button will display red light and no matter how many times you press it, the elevator won’t take your command into its waiting list.

Once the button displays no light, you need to press it and wait for it to arrive at your floor. When you enter inside, you can press the desired floor and that’s all you need to do for it to close and start moving.

I found it extremely frustrating having to wait for the people inside to leave so I could finally press the button. Not only that, the elevator takes a very long time to move from one floor to the other. Just be patient or else take the stairs.



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