Internship in Pontedera: Grocery Shopping

Even if you can afford to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner at the restaurants, you should give yourself a break and instead go grocery shopping. I know that it’s really time consuming but try cooking dinner with your friends. You’ll earn great memories to laugh at later on.

The cheapest things that you can buy for cooking is pasta. (around 34 cents). I have a Pasta recipe on this blog that you can use to make your grocery checklist on your first few days.

You can find the nearest supermarket ( if you go to the other end of the train station, down the tunnel. You can reach the train station if you keep walking to the right of the institute. Once you reach the other end of the tunnel, you have two choices:

Either keep walking straight, to the right unless you encounter a Moroccan butcher shop, opposite the bus station. This butcher sells Halal meat, Moroccan sweets, dates, spices and interesting kitchenware. If you keep moving past this shop and reach the end of the corner, take your right again and keep walking. There will be another such shop where you can find Indian spices, vegetables and stuff that you’d know if you have lived in the Middle East.Otherwise, just head to your left after the train station, past a small garden and you’ll reach the COOP.

Walk past this park to get to the COOP

Buy a big grocery bag and take that with you every time you visit the COOP. Lastly, do your weekly shopping every Saturday to avoid starving yourself on Sundays; when the shop is closed. You should get yourself these amazing fruit yoghurt (49 cents) and rice crispies (around 2.6 euros) to munch on Sundays. For the first few days, you can munch on your Doritos that you had packed. Also, don’t forget to buy bread (59 cents). I used to make myself some cheese sandwiches (given the cheese I had packed from Abu Dhabi) for breakfast.

Be careful! Don’t be too overwhelmed that you buy excess stuff.


Set a budget for grocery shopping every week. After your first time of shopping, just make a note of important things for every week and count the total cost. Add one euro extra while making the budget (just in case).

If you have a room-mate, both of you can decide to shop together and divide the total cost.

TBH, grocery shopping with friends should be on everyone’s bucket list.



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