Internship in Pontedera: Internet Access

When I got the keys to my room, it was around 7 pm which was outside working hours of the Biorobotics Institute. I had to wait for the next day to ask for the wifi password. You can however, attach the internet cable in your room to your laptop and probably inform your family of your arrival on social media. Taking this cable everyday to work wouldn’t be convenient at all. It is only good for use in your room.

On the next day, you’ll be given a password and username for getting access to the institute wifi. The wifi signal is very weak inside the rooms. The closer your room is to the balcony in the hallway, the worse the wifi signal is. You can get stronger signals in the small student lounge beside the rooms.


This wifi signal is strong in the labs that you’ll be working in. However, you can ask your supervisor or any member of your team to give you a different wifi password in case the previous one didn’t work on your laptop. I had to do this because my laptop just wouldn’t connect to the previous one.

You wouldn’t feel the need to rely on the internet too much other than keeping in touch with your family and using it for your work purposes. You’d be too busy exploring this beautiful town.



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