Internship in Pontedera: Laundry

Walking around natural places always get your clothes dirty especially when you plan to sit on the sandy edges of the riverside. Every week, I’d have a huge pile of dirty clothes collected at the end of my bed; like a huge pre-bonfire.

I used to take my laundry for granted at home. It was the least important thing on my mind and I didn’t give it much thought either when I left for Italy.

Yet, it is quite a big deal especially when living on a budget.

The coin laundry in Pontedera charges 5 euros for your washing and you’d have to carry a bag full of dirty clothes all the way to downtown. Honestly, I never visited the coin laundry because I didn’t intend to spend that much money every week on washing clothes.

I had two choices then:

  1. Stink at work
  2. Wash my clothes by hand.


Buying oxygen masks for people around me would have cost even more, so I decided to go for the second choice.

I got my washing powder and learnt to wash clothes by hand from here.

It is best that you do your laundry work on Sundays. Put on some music and sing along, while you build those muscles!



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