Internship in Pontedera: Nature

One cannot experience Pontedera without watching the pink sunset sky at the riverside, while a cool breeze blows by. You’ll hear the birds chirping, river flowing, tree leaves rustling and the wind singing to you.

We are living things that once lived in natural habitats but then we began to build houses out of bricks. Gradually, we’ve advanced as a species who live in tall buildings with built in air conditioning systems. We’ve forgotten that nature has its own luxuries to offer if you search in the right place.

There is a beautiful riverside which upon seeing for the first time, made me pinch myself twice, in case I had died and reached the gates of Paradise or something. Not that it’s ever going to happen. I’m going to Hell!


To find the riverside, take the left of the institute and just keep walking straight ahead. When you reach the end, take your left again and you’ll see a paint shop. Move past that and you’ll see a road that leads to a black colored tunnel. Instead of passing through the tunnel, just cross the road to the other side and dive into the bushes. Just keep moving straight and you’ll see a set of stairs deep inside which will lead you straight to a magnificent view of the river.

Keep moving upwards. Picture credits: Nasma

All of those hidden stairs beneath the bushes that lead you to this beautiful riverside is something that I had only seen in the movies.

Picture credits: Nasma

But it’s real!



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