Internship in Pontedera: Pasticcerias, Pizzerias and Halal restaurants


Pasticceria is the Italian word for bakery. However, it is no less than a cafe/restaurant. The nearest bakery that I used to visit was called Cittadella cafe. You can find this place if you walk straight past the vegetables and fruits shops opposite the nearest gelateria. As you keep walking, you’ll notice a yellow canopy with the name written on top. That’s the one!

This bakery had these different sorts of sweets ranging from cannoli, chocolate donuts, cupcakes, chocolate croissants, berry tarts and many more that you thought existed only in Hogwarts. There was also a separate section for sandwiches, mini pizzas and DIY salads.

Sometimes, the only reason that I’d wake up in the morning was to head over there for a cup of cappuccino and a chocolate croissant. All of this would only cost 2 euros. Sometimes, it was too hard to resist!


You can also try pure coffee without milk, but be careful. The coffee is extremely bitter.

Caution: This coffee is very strong and I took this picture with the bitterness still in my mouth

Don’t get too attached to these delicious breakfast meals. It might seem low cost but would lead to spending more than your specified budget. Just treat yourself on alternate weekends.


One of the best places to eat in Pontedera is the blue Pizza place located to the right of the institute. Other than the delicious margarita, you should try Napoli Pizza and Funghi (Mushroom Pizza). Another popular Pizzeria is located to the left of the institute. Keep going straight past the gelateria until you reach a yellow canopy. You can also recognize it by the amount of people that eat there. It is one of the most crowded places that’s open late till midnight.

Margarita and vegetarian Pizza. Picture credits: Kawthar
Napoli Pizza. Picture Credits: Nasma

Halal Restaurants:

I’m not really a fan of these restaurants because firstly, there’s this ungodly smell in the whole place as if they never properly clean it.

Second, they claim to sell Arabic shawarma which is actually just a regular sandwich with halal meat. If you really cannot live without meat and you’re craving some ready-made meat sandwich, then these places are great to visit.

My reaction at the “shawarma” in these restaurants

In big cities like Pisa, they also have Indian restaurants with their so called “biryani” which you can just eat to remind yourself that real biryani is waiting for you at home.

However, it is not that bad of an experience to try out these restaurants. If you’re really craving for some non-italian food, these places are a good choice to eat at. Just beware of the street-harassers who usually hang out in these restaurants. Visit the ones that are not too isolated from the populated places.

You can find the nearest one right beside the train station of Pontedera. Just cross the tunnel and reach the other side of the station. The place is so visible, you simply cannot ignore it.

For experience sake, try out all the food – both good and bad.




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