Internship in Pontedera: Rapunzel Moments

On weekends, when you don’t have to sleep early, you should drag your guest house buddies and go for a late night walk by the riverside.

Every weekend, at 10 pm, I would go to the riverside accompanied by one or two friends and walk between thousands of fireflies lighting up our way. As we kept walking, we reached a lamp post that was covered in an intricate spider web, lightened by fireflies, as if it were a forgotten gold necklace.

Notice the lamp posts? Imagine this place at night covered in fireflies.

However, your days to see the light, the way Rapunzel did (except for the boat part), are limited. When we visited the riverside later in June nights, not one firefly could be seen. Just like a magical moment that lasts too short, these luminescent insects disappeared in the summer.

Due to bad camera quality, I couldn’t take a picture. This google image is the closest to what I experienced in Pontedera

So, don’t miss a night without these walks. They are nothing but magical.


If you want to propose to your girl friend, this is the place boys!






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