Italy Internship Guide: Internship Documents

Meanwhile your visa is getting processed and you are waiting for a call from the embassy, you should prepare all the documents that are required to be filled at the end of your internship. Depending on your institution requirements, you might have similar required documents as listed below:

  1. Weekly internship reports

My internship lasted for 8 weeks which meant that I needed to take 8 pages of weekly reports. However, print two extra reports in case you lose one or spill your coffee on. In my case, I was able to print these from the resources section in my university symplicity account.

  1. Log-book

I was required to carry a notebook with me where I’d take notes on daily basis for my internship. These notes are something that you can refer back to in your later weeks. It is a good way of seeing your progress from basic notes to getting more detailed at the end of your internship. You can also call it a daily diary-writing process. Just don’t start with “Dear Diary”!

  1. Student Assessment form

I printed mine from the resources section in my simplicity account.

4. Internship student Report

This would be in the form of a word document that you would write after the completion of your internship. Just read over the requirements and word limit of the report from the university internship handbook just for awareness sake. It wouldn’t seem like a huge task when you’d finally start writing it.

Place your documents in a separate file and keep them in a safe compartment in your luggage.  If your laptop bag is big enough with several compartments, then better keep your documents there. While checking in at the airport, don’t hand over your laptop bag and any of your important documents. Keep these with you at all times.

Finally, research over the topic/project that your internship will be based on. Email your supervisor at the institute and ask him about any initial reading you can do. This would save you a lot of time in getting familiar with your work at the institute and you can start contributing instantly.


Use google scholar and search up the research papers published under the name of your supervisor. Try to read as many papers as you can. When you start working at the institute, the work, no matter how hard it is, won’t at least come as a shock to you.


One of the most important life lessons that I learnt is that to complete a successful internship at any company or institute, you have to do your own research prior to starting work. Not surprisingly, this is one of the most important steps.

Don’t just do it to impress your supervisor.You need to love what you do.


It took me two years to finally realize that due to certain circumstances, you cannot escape from what’s in front of you. Then you might as well give your best!



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