Italy Internship Guide: Post-Italy Depression

When I settled down on the plane to leave from Pisa to Rome, I started to panic. I wanted to get off the plane, out from the airport and call out to my friends (who just dropped me) to take me away.

You never know that you truly love a place unless you are going to leave it and not know if you’d ever come back again. It felt like someone close to me was dying and I couldn’t do anything about it. I couldn’t control the swell of emotions building up inside me as memories of Italy started to flood my mind.

Leaving Italy was hard. I had to hide my face in the airport bus as tears kept rolling down without my permission.


As is with anything that you attach yourself to, letting go is really hard. You will always suffer.


You have the right to mourn for this place that you called home for two months. Allow yourself to cry. This longing would probably last for a whole month or until you get busy with your life again.

Sometimes though, you can get something good out of your sadness. I wrote this blog to make myself feel better. By guiding others to live a better life in the place that I did is nothing less than experiencing it all over again.

Talk to your room-mates about your longing. They are definitely feeling the same way. Post pictures and throwbacks on social media.  Write a similar blog sharing your own experiences. Keep in touch with your friends in Italy and reminisce of the good times you spent.

In the end, you’ll look back at it not with a desperately painful longing, but a beautiful memory.


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