Italy Internship Guide: Visa Application

Before you pack off your bags and set out to the airport in your chic outfit, you need to make sure that you have the right travel documents.

You need to apply for your visa to Italy as soon as you receive your acceptance letter from the institute. Depending on several factors however, it might take more than two weeks before you receive your passport with the Visa attached. One of my friends received her visa just two days before our flight!

While waiting for my visa processing, I could neither pack my bags nor buy my flight tickets, in case my Visa got rejected and all of my hopes and money had to be thrown into a pile of garbage.


Therefore, it is better that you apply as early as possible so you may also benefit from flight ticket offers. By the time I received my Visa, all the flight offers were finished.


For each country, there are certain rules to be followed and you might probably need to make a few adjustments to your documents, depending on the passport you hold. I have attached a link below that you can visit to know more about the travel documents concerning different nationalities.

Who needs a Schengen visa

Since my internship was to last for only two months, it was more convenient for me to apply for a Schengen visa, which is valid for 90 days. I applied directly from the Italian embassy in the UAE. Just visit the Italian embassy in your country and they will help you out. If you’re living in Abu Dhabi UAE, it is better to apply from the VFS global Italy. Just book an appointment with them and bring the following required documents with you.

Required Documents:

  1. Schengen Visa Application Form
  2. 2 recent passport sized photos
  3. Travel medical insurance for the required time. You can purchase it from here online. In my case, the travel agency that I booked my flight tickets from also bought me a travel insurance by AXA. You can check with Al Rostamani Travel agency in UAE.
  4. Copy of Flight ticket reservation. Just book the tickets online for the flight to Pisa. You’ll also have a transit flight from Rome to Pisa. Don’t buy them unless you’re sure that your visa would get accepted. In my case, I booked with Etihad Airways.
  5. Proof of accommodation for your entire stay in Italy. Your acceptance letter from the institute will also include the accommodation plan. That’s the one!
  6. Means of subsistence. How will you finance your living in Italy? In my case, I had to submit the bank statement of my guardian who’s responsible for my financial support.
  7. No objection letter from your guardian. (if you’re a student)
  8. Acceptance Letter from the institute.
  9. 2 passport copies of your guardian
  10. 2 passport copies of you
  11. Your passport
  12. Your national ID card
  13. The institute will also be sending a letter to the Italian embassy, confirming of their acceptance.

Finally, check out this website in case I missed out anything and hopefully your visa application will go great!

Once you have submitted everything, grab a Pepsi bottle and a jumbo Doritos and head to the movies. Trust me! You’ve got a major life-changing journey ahead of you.



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